POC™ Process Overview

The four primary elements form the foundation of the learning journey:

360° Feedback Process
The Practitioner of Change™ process is built upon a comprehensive competency model which is reflected in a 360° feedback process. There are three levels of input: self, feedback from learning group members, and from clients and co-workers.

Core Session Pre-Work
Upon registration, each participant will receive a registration and pre-work package that includes selected pre-reading and questions to complete prior to the program launch. Each core session is supported with pre-reading, extensive workshop materials, application guides and in-session application.

Core Session Offsite Workshops
The learning journey is comprised of fifteen days total (5 core three-day sessions), held off-site, in a residential setting every eight weeks. All learning sessions consist of pre-reading and pre-work, experiential learning and group and community development application. The core sessions are designed for adults and combine theory with practice, knowledge with skill building and themselves, become learning labs. Concepts and theories are tested throughout the development of the learning community. As such, the design is intricately integrated, with each core session building off the last. As a learning lab, participants have a firsthand opportunity to examine and explore organizational dynamics as they are learning about them as concepts.

Applied Learning Project
The POC™ process is grounded in action learning and application and participants design and lead an applied change project as part of a learning team.

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