What is POC™?

The Practitioner of Change (POC)™  process is an extended learning process specifically focused on organization development and change competency in your organization. Three primary elements form the foundation of the learning journey:

    • A 360° Feedback Process
    • 15 learning days comprised of 5 Core Sessions of 3 days each
    • An Applied Learning Project

Since its inception in 1993, POC™ has continued to evolve in order to build critical skills of Human Resource practitioners that support organizations as they continue to transition HR functions into business partnering and strategy-setting roles. essay write We now have more than 450 POC™ graduates, from 25 different organizations in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Australia.

Why Practitioner of Change™?

The Practitioner of Change™ process is designed to:

    • Meet the increasing demand for organizations to align their HR functions with their business needs and priorities
    • Meet the demand for HR professionals to have and use strong business skills inside their organization and to partner with their business clients

POC™ is a comprehensive, transformational and practical approach to developing critical competencies for in-house practitioners and consultants. Participants are exposed to a wide variety of models, practices and applications to help them become a top performing contributor and ultimately, to strengthen their organization.

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