POC™ Development Outcomes and Metrics

There are many intended outcomes achieved by investing in building Practitioners of Change™ in your organization. These include:

    • Competent internal Practitioners, confident in their own ability to work as organization developers and business partners to influence business outcomes.
    • Practical practitioner tools, techniques, processes and materials to be able to design and respond to the diverse needs of client groups; to consult internally in ways that make a difference and to influence business success.
    • Development of “home team advantage”…a community of practitioners with shared mindset, mutual accountability and capacity for collaboration.

We use hard and soft metrics. The Practitioner of Change™ learning design is based on an extensive competency framework.

We measure:

    • Pre and post competency shifts (individual and consolidated by organization) by individual, learning group and through 360° feedback.
    • Action learning team project deliverables through project metrics.
    • Comprehensive “Voice of the Participant” workshop feedback is gathered and consolidated after each core session.
    • Participant and client anecdotal feedback is tracked.

In a recent POC™ community, the executive sponsor’s goal was to recoup the learning costs through the work of the action learning teams. In the executive’s own words “we wildly exceeded our expectations and with the consulting dollars saved as a result of the work completed by the action learning teams, we not only covered the costs of POC™, we had enough to sponsor the next POC™ learning community”.

We work with sponsoring clients to ensure the work of the action learning teams is relevant and successful. We believe learning happens through success.

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