POC™ Process Leadership

Shelley McLean, an M.Sc.O.D. graduate of Pepperdine University designed and delivered the pilot Practitioner of Change™ process in 1993 for Shell Canada. Since then she has graduated hundreds of Practitioners of Change from dozens of  communities.  She has customized the application in multiple ways for in-house delivery to client organizations.

She is a founding partner of the CONVERGE Consulting Group, a full service management consulting firm with head offices in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA … dedicated to bringing purpose, people and performance together. Converge offers expertise in the development of internal organization capability and offers a wide variety of consulting services. Visit our website at www.converge-group.com to learn more about the areas of competency and experience.

While her passion and dedication to the Practitioner of Change™ process is immeasurable, her ongoing consulting practice keeps her current and knowledgeable in what practitioners must know and do to be successful as internal business partners. As a result of her experience, Shelley is able to provide on-going coaching to participants, helping them pragmatically strengthen their skills and to use them within their organizational settings. She invites participants to bring real situations into the learning process as a way of connecting the learning to their organizational roles.

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