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Qantas takes Practitioner of Change™ Down Under

While POC™ is well known in its birthplace of Calgary, Alberta, it has also gained exposure internationally. The learning process has been successfully delivered in Canada, the US, England, France and now... Australia!

Along with Converge Consulting Group, Qantas Airlines, located in Sydney, Australia, launched a significant learning process for its HR organization in August, 2004. More than 200 HR practitioners participated in a workshop called The Spirit of Business Partnering. It was custom designed for Qantas to introduce its practitioners to the evolving role of HR and the knowledge and skills required to contribute to today’s complex environments. This design was directly aligned to Qantas‘s HR vision to collaboratively align themselves as partners with the various business segments.

It was also a prerequisite to an internal POC™ learning process also launched in August 2004. Twenty five HR leaders and practitioners participated in the learning process and the community graduated in March, 2005. Continuing to build and invest in their internal team, Qantas then launched its second POC™ Community in March, 2006 and their third POC™ Community in August 2007.

Several of the participants commented on the personal impact of POC™, for example, one participant commented that "The Practitioner of Change™ in general is the best learning process I have experienced in my career. Why – the applicability of the content, the structure and the presentation by Converge".

The experience in Australia has confirmed for us once again that these critical business partnering skills are universally applicable and globally needed.

Practitioner of Change™ Goes Global

Nancy Brown-Johnston has partnered with Practitioner of Change™ and Converge Consulting Group to continue to bring POC™ to the global market.

As a former Director of Global Change Management for General Motors and founder of TripleWin Consulting based in Tennessee, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as global networks to the POC™ team.

In recent years, Nancy has facilitated many POC™ Core Sessions in both internal and public POC™ communities.

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